Family and Community Health Sciences

[FCHS Logo] Staying Healthy, Raising Healthy Kids, Eating Right-Living Well are the focus of Family and Community Health Sciences (FCHS) department outreach. In response to rising public health concerns and health care costs, the FCHS department provides an integrated approach to improving the health of NJ families, individuals, and communities.

The FCHS department outreach and research focus is on nutrition, health and fitness; food safety; and environmental health. This focus addresses chronic public health concerns, meets the strategic plan of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station and builds on existing strengths and outreach of the department.

Research shows that many of our chronic diseases—obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and some cancers—could be prevented through healthful eating and regular physical activity. Healthier families, individuals, and communities will allow people to enjoy life, stay active, and reduce health care costs. The FCHS department brings a holistic approach to these health issues effecting families, children, and individuals.

NJ Living Well focus areas include:

Cooperative Extension of Bergen County