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Rutgers Master Gardeners of Bergen County

Our Master Gardener Program is extremely popular and productive. These dedicated volunteers, trained by Rutgers, are at work throughout the County's Parks and municipalities. They operate a Garden Helpline April through October. Valuable advice is given to homeowners on how to solve garden & landscape problems by applying Integrated Pest Management tactics to minimize the use of pesticides.

Photo: Van Saun Park, Bergen County; Master Gardener

Bergen County Master Gardeners also deliver Horticultural Therapy programs in hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities and schools. Regular volunteer sites for Master Gardeners include: Bergen County Health Center, Rockleigh; Flat Rock Brook Environmental Center; Garrettson Forge & Farm, Hackensack River Greenway; The Hermitage; McFaul Environmental Center; New Bridge Landing; Skylands NJBT; Teaneck Creek Conservancy; Van Dyke Manor; and Wortendyke Barn.

This year, they joined in an Earth Day planting organized by the Bergen County Soil Conservation District in Van Saun County Park.

Rutgers Master Gardener Helpline

The Bergen County Master Gardeners also run a helpline service from April–October, Monday through Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Phone: 201-336-6783 or 201-336-6784

Providing the following services:

For more information on the Master Gardeners visit their website! Link to their website: